Love Smudge Pack - Rose Quartz
The Selenite Moon

Love Smudge Pack - Rose Quartz

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All in one energy cleansing and resetting kit.


*One sage stick to cleanse and purify the energy in your space. 

*One Palo Santo stick (Holy wood) to smooth the vibes. Brings creativity, love, spirituality. 

*Two selenite stick for cleansing, peace, guidance, and  high vibrations. 

*One rose quartz for love, health, compassion and calming. 


Item pictured is an example. Variations will occur and be comparable to item shown. 

Sage and Palo Santo instructions. Light tip, blow out flame, use smoldering smoke to cleanse energy. Always use fire safe dish. Never burn unattended. Keep away from small children. ALL SALES FINAL 

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